Comprehensive production services.

Flatplanet Films is a full-service, creative production company specializing in the development of original motion picture, television, public service and new media productions.


Creative Design

We help clients discover the stories that connect them to their stakeholders and audiences.

Production Management

Building productions that anticipate risks, manage complex logistics and provide large-scale cost savings.

Outreach and Distribution

We develop an immersive portrait
of your audience and innovative strategies to engage them.

Global Expertise

Reflecting more than 30 years of combined experience delivering efficient, award-winning productions.


our process is simple

We unite ideas with emotion to create quality, story-driven media that engages passionately with audiences.

your money goes into your media

Our expertise in story development, production finance and logistics means we bring precisely the firepower needed to get your project made and delivered with outstanding quality. We're roll-up-your-sleeves producers who judge every expense on a single overriding principle: will it create a better experience for the audience.

solutions not compromises

We help our clients create distinctive, lasting and substantial media, and deliver it wherever, however and whenever customers want to watch. Our company was founded to help clients solve their toughest media challenges, to operate with complete transparency and accountability, and always tell our partners like it is.

we're particular

We choose to work on projects that are worthy of conversation and collaborate with people who have something to say. We believe this fosters trust and open collaboration, and elevates each project by ensuring we only accept projects on which we can make an impact.

let's talk

To explore the potential in collaborating with us, please fill out our questionnaire and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Or, give us a call. We list our cell numbers on the site so we're easy to find.

Audience First

Outstanding content is always more than the sum of its parts. Getting it right requires an experienced team that encompasses business and financial acumen, creativity, adaptability, and a meticulous attention to detail.

It also requires a little alchemy to combine those heavy elements into a story people want to see.

That's tough to do and there is no formula for success. But when we focus on crafting stories that engage on a human level, we bring the audience into the equation as an intelligent asset — and that's not a bad place to start.


Case Study: Calling it Quits

An independent feature film shot in New York City, we worked with the filmmaker to define project challenges, develop an aggressive, achievable production strategy, and an innovative plan to reach audiences.
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In The News

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Laura and David are supremely supportive and insightful producers. Their goal is to always put the money on the screen in support of the story"
Kirk Davis, DGA Director
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"Their knowledge of unions, labor laws, tax incentives and finance is simply unprecedented. If you're going into production, get them on your team."
Debra Davis, Emmy Winning Producer
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