One of my earliest lessons was measure twice, cut once.

Where I come from

I've always loved imaging new ideas, building things and working with my hands. But in my dad's garage we couldn't pull a tool off the shelf without first planning out the steps of the job, thinking through the materials and equipment we would need and ensuring everything necessary to complete the work was assembled.

For my dad, measure twice, cut once was more than just a dictum, it was the planning phase for all the work to be completed that day and a signal that we understood the task and were ready to begin.

Over the years that simple lesson has helped guide me through the development, production and delivery of some incredibly complex projects where I was fortunate to have worked with some amazingly talented people.

What I've learned

I still love exploring new ideas and rolling up my sleeves to see them through. The challenge is transforming ideas into something actionable, relevant and lasting.

In my experience, contemporary challenges are never solved by one individual, but rather by groups of committed people capable of thinking through projects and bringing new insight. That's why I place such a premium on working with colleagues who support one another's efforts to do the best work they can.

When we identify and share a common, compelling purpose; when we look outward and understand the challenges clients face from their perspective; when we devote our full attention to planning and execution, we can create content worthy of conversation.

Ultimately, what I do is tell stories.

What I bring to the table

Over the course of my career I've accumulated a diverse background in storytelling and content development, media strategy, production and project management, having produced music videos, commercials, PSA's, documentaries and narrative motion pictures including Washington Heights, with Bobby Canavale and Judy Reyes; Screen Door Jesus, winner of Best Film at the Hampton's Int'l Film Festival; Calling it Quits, starring Dennis Boutsikaris and Jessica Hecht; and Welcome to Academia, staring James Le Gros, Callie Thorne and Jess Weixler.

In addition to filmmaking, I have produced television programming for the A&E Network; designed award-winning interactive applications for Internet pioneer Prodigy Services Company; and managed large-scale events for Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, McDonalds and The IOC. In Spring of 2014 I managed Analogia, a one-of-a-kind public art project in NYC's Bryant Park for the artist Benjamin Tritt that the NY Times described as, "...towering pillars... soaring 60 feet in the air and displaying paintings of goddesses, pharaohs, eagles, sphinxes and the Hindu god Ganesh."

I'm passionate about and experienced in creating content that has meaning and relevance to audiences. When not crafting budgets, leading production teams or developing new projects you can find me touring Manhattan on my bike or whipping up a mean bowl of guacamole.

"From concept to scripting to developing budgets, schedules and complete distribution strategies, David somehow manages to deliver whatever it takes to ensure that the production and the people who work for him are successful. And does so with a contagious enthusiasm. That makes him an incredible partner."
- Laura Cartwright, Producer
"David is a true leader. He is thoughtful, inclusive, thinks through all possibilities, considers all options and when it's time to act does so decisively and gets things done. Explaining his full value is hardly possible, so I'll sum up this way: we simply could not have completed Analogia without him."
- Ben Tritt, artist
David has the unique ability to draw and capture his subjects' emotions. His thoughfulness and attention to details are unparalleled. The results capture people and moments with extraordinary intensity. We can't thank him enough."
- Christine Berthet, Chekpeds President

Select accomplishments

100% record of on-budget delivery — designing, producing and managing film and digital productions on budgets up to $7M

Partnered with ARRI Cinema Cameras, Panavision and Goldcrest Post to develop and refine digital acquisition and post workflow processes for the CineAlta and D-20 digital camera systems

1000's of hours of experience developing, producing, marketing and distributing original programming

Designed digital marketing and distribution strategies opening direct channels to millions of customers in 50+ international markets

Led development of the first consumer-focused online banking and brokerage services in history overseeing multi-million dollar budget, scoping, requirements, risk analysis, timeline and complete project plan.

Digital pioneer. Produced dozens of digital productions including one of the first motion pictures shot 100% digitally

Received national recognition as winner of the top three prizes (Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay) at the Hamptons International Film festival

Wrote, produced and edited media projects raising more than $1 million for local and national non-profit organizations

Conceived and developed software applications generating $10M in direct revenues and 18+ million page views

Organized and led community initiatives improving the safety and living conditions for more than 300 residents in a local homeless shelter; gathering input from residents on $2.2M park redesign; planting and refurbishing dozens of tree beds along 45th street.

Looking forward

Producing relevant, engaging content sometimes requires us to look at the world a little differently. These are some current activities that help keep my mind open to what the world has to offer.